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Dr. Ana Casas MD, PhD

Breast Cancer Consultant and Tutorial Professor at University Hospital Virgen del Rocio (HUVR)


Dr. Ana Casas is a Breast Cancer Consultant and Tutorial Professor at University Hospital Virgen del Rocio (HUVR), Sevilla, Spain and has more than 30 years of experience until 2016. Her main areas of expertise are Breast Cancer and Supportive Cancer Care.

She completed her residency in Internal Medicine & Medical Oncology in HUVR and was certified by the Ministry of Health in Medical Oncology in 1983. From the beginning of her career she has always been directly involved in the care of cancer patients. She has also been Consultant in the Headquarters of the Andalousian Health Administration for the Regional Plan for Cancer Control (1988-1991) as well as for the National Plan for Cancer Control. Dr. Casas has been Medical Director at HUVM (19941996) and HUVR (1998-2000). She received an MBA in Health Economics from Barcelona University School of Economics-Pompeu Fabra (1993-1994). She has been external fellowship visiting NCI -Division Cancer Prevention and Control- (1987) and NYU Hospital (2008). She is involved in different cancer projects and clinical trials in Medical Oncology in the areas of Breast Cancer, Bone Metastases and Supportive Cancer Care (particularly on the integration of QoL principles and Patient Related Outcomes –PROs- into Oncology Care -Cancer Pain, Anemia and Neutropenia, nausea /vomiting ).

She is an active member of the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology (SEOM) - former General Secretary of his Board (2005-2007), Continuing Cancer Care Group, - former Coordinator of his Board ( 2005-2008). Andalousian Cancer Society ( Award, 2005) and Spanish Health Economics Society. She is an active member SOLTI Group -presently Coordinator of Institutional Relationships ( 2012- 2019 ). She is author or co-author of more than 100 publications in cancer care.

Dr Ana Casas was awarded by the Real Academy of Medicine of Sevilla (2008) where she is presently an active Corresponsal Academic Member (2008-).

Since 2013 she has been diagnosed and treated for Breast Cancer. She has promoted a social network of cancer patients ”Creamos Lazos frente al Cancer” and a Cancer Foundation , ‘Actitud frente al Cancer’ ( Attitude facing Cancer ) now working with Sevilla University into an Agreement Collaboration. In 2017 was promoted to the Royal College of Surgeons in Sevilla as Counsellor for Patients Associations. Presently she is completely devoted to Cancer Patients Organizations, mainly Breast Cancer Patients.