2022 Scientific Program

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Attending the Meeting - 2022 is a Hybrid Meeting!

  • Virtual Delegates  will be able to view sessions identified with the "live stream" tag on the Detailed Scientific Program over the live meeting dates from the virtual meeting platform (excluding "In-Person - Day Pass" and "Industry Participant - Exhibits Only" registrants). All other sessions will be recorded and available to view on-demand within a week of the live meeting dates on the virtual meeting platform for 60 days.

  • In-Person Delegates  will also have access to the virtual meeting platform to view all recorded sessions for up 60 days after the live meeting dates. For information about planning your trip, please consult the Travel Information and Meeting Resources pages for more details. Day Pass delegates are not eligible for access to the virtual platform.

*Note: E-Poster Sessions, Workshops, Study Group Business Meetings, and Social Events will not be recorded. E-Poster Presenting Authors are given the option to include a 5-minute audio/video recording with their e-poster for our virtual delegates.


The MASCC/ISOO 2022 Annual Meeting in Supportive Care in Cancer has been accredited for up to 51 hours of MOC Group Learning Section 1 credits for Royal College Specialists. Patient Advocates are not eligible for continuing education credits. Delegates seeking a certificate will be required to complete the post-meeting evaluation form. The post-meeting evaluation form will become available a week after the live meeting dates in the virtual meeting platform lobby.

Plenary Session Highlights

Plenary Session 1: Burnout
• Tackling Oncology Clinician Burnout: Individual and Organizational Strategies to Maximize Well-Being  •  Dr Fay Hlubocky (USA)
• Is There "Hope" for Burnout?  •  Dr Benjamin Corn (Israel)
• Burnout: The View From Down-Under, and the Case for Change  •  Prof Frances Boyle (Australia)

Plenary Session 2: Digital Health
[email protected] in the Digital Age  •  Prof Monika Krzyzanowska (Canada)
• Integrating Patient-Reported Outcomes into Electronic Health Record Systems in Oncology  •  Dr Ethan Basch (USA)
• Digital Therapeutics in Supportive Care and Whole Person Health  •  Dr Doris Howell (Canada)

Plenary Session 3: Health Disparities
• Health Disparities Among Cancer Survivors in the United States  •  Dr Farhad Islami (USA)
• The Impact of Health Disparities on the Life-Long Care of Childhood Cancer Survivors  •  Dr Paul Nathan (Canada)
• The Constellation of Disparities Challenging Adolescents and Young Adults with Cancer •  Prof David Freyer (USA)

Meet the Experts Highlights

How Can MASCC Partner with Patients and People Affected by Cancer?
• Seeing the Whole Person: Patients as Partners in Their Care • Phyllis Berck, Patient Advocate (Canada)  
• Patient Advocacy: MASCC Partnerships for Improving Supportive Cancer Care •  Prof Maryam Lustberg (USA)
• Global Survey Informing MASCC Strategy for Engagement with People Affected by Cancer •  Prof Bogda Koczwara (Australia)
• Agile Service Design: An Iterative, Human-Centric Approach to Cancer Service Innovation •  Prof Michael Lovas (Canada)
• Overcoming Barriers to Patient Engagement • Dr Enrique Soto (Mexico)

Writing for Supportive Care in Cancer
• Writing for Supportive Care in Cancer - The Editor's View  •  Dr Fred Ashbury (Canada)
• Writing for Supportive Care in Cancer - The Author's View  •  Prof Ian Olver (Australia)
• Writing for Supportive Care in Cancer - The Reviewer's View  •  Dr Jørn Herrstedt (Denmark)

How to Become a MASCC Designated Center of Excellence in Supportive Care in Cancer
• How to Become a MASCC Designated Center of Excellence in Supportive Care in Cancer  •  Dr Carla Ripamonti (Italy)
• Research and Educational Features of Supportive Care Service  •  Dr Inessa Kononenko (Russia)
• Clinical Activities and Adherence to International Guidelines in a Supportive Care Service  •  Dr Andrea Antonuzzo (Italy)

ISOO Sessions

Innovations in Head and Neck Survivorship
• Molecular Mechanistic Insights are Enabling Safe and Effective Clinical Translation of Photobiomodulation Therapy in Supportive Cancer Care  •  Asst Prof Praveen Arany (USA)
• Immunotherapy and Oral Complications  •  Prof Alessandro Villa (USA)

Surgical Reconstruction and Prosthetic Rehabilitation for Head and Neck Cancer Patients
• Virtual Surgical Planning in Maxilla and Mandible Reconstruction  •  Assoc Prof Eitan Prisman (Canada)
• Complications and Challenges in Free Flap Implantation  •  Dr David Yang (Canada)

Oral Microbiome in Cancer Patients
• The Oral Microbiota in Cancer Patients: From Composition to Biomarkers  •  Dr Julia Bruno (Brazil)
• Oral Microbiome in Head and Neck Cancer Patients  •  Prof Yvonne Kapila (USA))


For MASCC/ISOO 2022 Annual Meeting general inquiries, please contact [email protected].