MASCC Study Groups

Focus on Your Interest Area

MASCC Study Groups are interest groups devoted to specific topic areas in supportive cancer care. Members of a Study Group conduct research, develop practice guidelines, design educational materials for practitioners to share with patients, and work to raise awareness about supportive care issues. Study Groups serve as a valuable resource, providing expertise to MASCC members, to other professional medical societies, and to healthcare practitioners generally. They offer a unique opportunity to meet and collaborate with subject experts around the world. In this way, they can be especially valuable to younger investigators for forging relationships and working with established authorities in their field.

Get Involved

MASCC members can participate in up to three Study Groups at any one time. Through Study Group membership, you become an integral part of a worldwide network of supportive care specialists. Study Groups meet each year at the Annual Meeting to discuss ongoing projects and plan work for the coming year. Meeting minutes and attendees can be found on the individual Study Group pages. Find out more about the benefits of joining MASCC Study Groups and how to join.


Each year, several in-depth workshops, provided by one or more study groups, are presented at the MASCC/ISOO Annual Meeting. These well-attended workshops provide opportunities for participants to hear about the latest research, to share their own experience, and to meet colleagues with similar interests.

Outstanding Study Group and Study Group Leader Awards

The Outstanding Study Group Award recognizes a Study Group’s excellence and outstanding achievement in promoting, activating, and executing activity within the SG. The Outstanding Study Group Leader Award recognizes the principal driver of the main project that led to the Study Group’s recognition and award. For policies and applications please see our Policies and Forms.

Research Highlights and Study Group News

Study Group News Items
Research Highlights

To contact a Study Group Leader, search for their name in the member directory
For more information or questions, contact the MASCC office at [email protected]

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