Digital Health

Digital Health is a subgroup of the MASCC Education Study Group

Penelope Schofield, PhD
Ysabella Van Sebille, PhD, MD

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Mission and Goals

Within the fields of both oncology and supportive care, digital health is rapidly becoming recognized as an innovative and important means of improving medical efficiency and patient outcomes. Digital health — the use of technology to improve health and healthcare — is a simple concept, but a broad field that encompasses telehealth and telemedicine, health information technology, mobile health, and personalized medicine. One of its prime aims and benefits is the empowerment of all individuals to make better-informed health decisions by providing accurate and appropriate information as well as options for prevention, early diagnosis, and disease management outside traditional healthcare settings. Digital health products include mobile medical apps, decision support software, wearable devices, and more.

The initial aims of the new Subgroup are to promote education and awareness of health technologies in supportive cancer care and to create research collaboration opportunities in digital health among MASCC members. While the Subgroup is maintained within the Education Study Group, the topic of digital health cuts across numerous themes in supportive cancer care. Members of the new Subgroup will work to educate and collaborate with all MASCC members and Study Groups.

Subgroup Activities

Disparities in telehealth use: How should the supportive care community respond? Dixit N, Van Sebille Y, Crawford GB, Ginex PK, Fernandez Ortega P & Chan RJ. Support Care Cancer (2021).

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