"I have been a member of the MASCC since 1993. At that time the Supportive Care in Cancer journal was the only source of review articles of much needed clinical topics i.e. antiemetics, mucositis, febrile neutropenia, and pain. I think it remains the principal journal for this area. Also you could read research articles and find new data but also follow the methodology to start your own supportive care research. In the Journal, you were timely informed about new supportive care interventions and drugs, i.e. GCSFs, bisphoshonates, EPO, their role and place in treatment.

Supportive care highlights of the year were nicely summarized at the MASCC meetings. The CD with presentations from the annual meetings is a great educational tool, which is not usually provided by other organizations. Also MASCC meetings are the place to meet and actually talk with supportive care experts, who are easily approachable, friendly and willing to help you. When I organized a Supportive Care meeting in Belgrade (2004), seven MASCC members came as lecturers and devoted their time and experience to that meeting without honorarium. Without the help of MASCC I would not have been able to introduce supportive care as a new discipline at my Institute (Institute for Oncology and Radiology of Serbia ) and also in my country, Serbia. I would also like to mention the benefits of. MASCC guidelines for everyday use in patient management. Finally MASCC did me the honor of electing me as a member of the Board of Directors."
- Prof Dr. Snezana Bosnjak, Institute for oncology and radiology of Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia

- Snežana Bošnjak, MD, PhD, Belgrade, Serbia