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MASCC/ISOO 2021 Annual Meeting - Help Spread the Word!

2021    Our 2021 Annual Meeting will take place virtually on June 24-26.  A Promotional Toolkit is now available - here will find PowerPoint slide sets, banners, adverts, and signature banners to use in your email signature files. We encourage all members to take advantage of these resources and let your colleagues know about MASCC and our next meeting. 

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MASCC President Elect and Board Member Maryam Lustberg Named Director of The Breast Center and Chief of Breast Medical Oncology

2021    MASCC President Elect and Board Member Maryam Lustberg, MD, MPH, has been appointed Director of The Breast Center at Smilow Cancer Hospital and Chief of Breast Medical Oncology at Yale Cancer Center. She will also join the faculty at Yale Cancer Center as an Associate Professor of Medicine (Medical Oncology).

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We Wish You Well, Leslie Johnson!

2021    Leslie Johnson will be departing MASCC, her last day will be February 19, 2021. As of February 20, 2021, please direct any questions related to Study Groups and Sponsorship to Melissa Chin at [email protected] until we are able to secure a replacement. We appreciate your patience during this transitionary period. 

Leslie has conveyed her enjoyment in working with MASCC and our members. We thank Leslie for her contributions to MASCC to-date and wish her the best of success in all future endeavors.

Jules Bordet Institute in Brussels Recognized as a MASCC Center of Excellence in Supportive Care in Cancer


MASCC is proud to announce that the Jules Bordet Institute in Brussels, Belgium has been recognized as a MASCC-Designated Center of Excellence in Supportive Care in Cancer. The hospital is a research institute of the Université libre de Bruxelles and specializes in oncology. The Institute hosts various multi-professional teams for supportive care, including a Pain and other symptoms Management Team, a Psycho-oncology Unit, a Nursing and palliative Care Unit, and a Physiotherapy Unit. Occupational therapy and end-of-life care are offered in the Institute. The application was organized by MASCC Member, Dominique Lossignol, MD, Head of the Supportive Care Unit at the Institute. Lossignol is responsible for clinical and administrative supervision of the unit.

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MASCC/ISOO members invited to submit MRONJ

2021    MASCC/ISOO members invited to submit MRONJ research to Frontiers in Oral Health and Oral Surgery
Guest Editors: Josiah Eyeson, Vinod Patel, and Ourania Nicolatou-Galitis

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Job Postings: New Career Opportunities and Fellowship Listings

2021    MASCC Career Opportunities and Fellowship Listings

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Special Announcement: MASCC/ISOO 2021 Annual Meeting Moves to a Virtual Experience

2021    The COVID-19 pandemic forced us to postpone the MASCC/ISOO 2020 Annual Meeting, and it has forced us to convert the 2021 Annual Meeting into a totally virtual event. The dates of the Annual meeting are unchanged (June 24-26, 2021), and each day will have a “live” program timed to specific time zones (i.e., Day 1 – British Summer Time; Day 2 – Eastern Daylight Time; Day 3 – Australian Central Standard Time). In addition, there will also be many more pre-recorded sessions (e.g., “parallel sessions”, “meet the expert sessions”), and all of the live / pre-recorded sessions will be accessible during and after the Annual Meeting. The e-poster sessions will now be e-video sessions (see below). Obviously, the social events will now be virtual, but we hope just as entertaining as in previous years!

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Become a reviewer for the journal, Supportive Care in Cancer

2020     MASCC/ISOO members are invited to assist our journal’s editorial board by reviewing articles in their areas of expertise.  Log in to sign up through the “Become a Reviewer” form. You will be able to choose among 28 categories. Please select from this list the papers you feel you would be interested in reviewing. To log in and sign up, click here

Call for members to Join MASCC’s Newly Established Consumer (Patient Advocate) Engagement Committee

2020    MASCC announces the launch of its newly formed Consumer Engagement Committee, chaired by long standing MASCC member and consumer engagement champion, Anna Boltong, PhD. Reporting to the MASCC Board, the committee was established to build a framework for meaningful consumer engagement that aligns with MASCC’s current and future strategies. The ethos of the committee is to provide a platform through which the lived experience of cancer can be leveraged to inform best practice activity and to optimize benefits to current and future MASCC community members. 

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The European Cancer Organisation Launches A Catalyst for Change: the European Code of Cancer Practice

2020    Earlier this fall, the European Cancer Organisation launched the European Code of Cancer Practice (The Code), a patient-centered initiative which identifies 10 key patient rights that underpin the delivery of good clinical cancer practice. The Code was created to improve patient survival and quality of life. The rights signpost what all cancer patients should expect from their health system and addresses inequalities in access to optimal high-quality cancer treatment and care. The initiative also highlights the need for public information about cancer, survivorship support, integrated cancer research, and innovative access to optimal high-quality cancer treatment and care.

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Free virtual events in November as part of 2020 International Year of the Nurse and Midwife

2020    The World Health Organization designated 2020 as the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife. In honor of this celebration, MASCC members are invited to join a virtual event, “The Global Power of Oncology Nursing (GPON)” on Tuesday November 17. The conference will showcase the positive impact nurses are making on the growing burden of cancer in low- and middle-income countries. To register, click here.

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Nursing and Allied Health Research Priorities in the Care of Patients With Thoracic Malignancies: An International Cross-Sectional Survey

2020    MASCC recently participated in the research and practice study: “Nursing and Allied Health Research Priorities in the Care of Patients With Thoracic Malignancies: An International Cross-Sectional Survey”. The study was carried out by the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC) Nursing & Allied Health Professionals (N&AHP) committee.  The premise of IASLC’s survey was initiated to explore the lack of evidence of research priorities from nurses and allied health professionals working in the field of thoracic malignancies.  This research could provide strategic directions for funders, policy makers, and researchers.  The IASLC has recently published a full report of the survey and conclusions.  The conclusions state there is a clear focus (and need) for research in interventions to improve quality of life and symptom management, particularly for pain, dyspnea, and fatigue was also established, alongside healthcare system issues and screening research.   The full paper is available in open access.  To read, click here.

MASCC Past-President Rajesh Lalla honored by the American Dental Association

2020    The American Dental Association (ADA) and the American Association for Dental Research (AADR) announced the winners of the annual Evidence-Based Dentistry (EBD) Faculty and Practice Awards. The awards are presented to educators and clinicians who have made significant contributions to implement and advance EBD. The winners were recognized at a virtual booth hosted by the ADA Science and Research Institute at the 2020 ADA FDC Virtual Connect Conference, held Oct 10-13, during a joint meeting of the ADA and Florida Dental Association.

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10th Annual TAO Cancer Toxicity Management Meeting

2020    The 10th annual TAO Cancer Toxicity Management (CTM) meeting will be held December 3-4, 2020.  The meeting, based in Paris, France, will be held virtually and focus on current events, with two sessions on “Cancer and COVID-19.” Sessions will address prehabilitation and rehabilitation. A significant place will be given to international experiences, with a  focus on pain, genetics, and the microbiome.  

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MASCC Announces Winner of Buddy Membership Program

2020    Earlier this year, MASCC invited you to recruit and mentor one or more new MASCC members through a new initiative, the Buddy Membership Program. This program was designed to increase our membership and to also to help new members get involved in MASCC activities and take advantage of all our membership benefits.

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Year of the Nurse MASCC Membership Discount Program

2020    50% Membership Discount to nurses renewing their MASCC membership or new members joining MASCC.

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MASCC Participates in Japanese Association of Supportive Care in Cancer (JASCC) Virtual 2020 Annual Meeting

2020    MASCC proudly participated in the Japanese Association of Supportive Care in Cancer (JASCC) 5th Annual Meeting held in August.  Originally planned for Kyoto, the meeting was held virtually due to COVID-19.  The meeting included a novel hybrid of both pre-recorded and live sessions. The theme of the meeting was “Diversity, Dialogue and Altruism,” and included the 33rd Annual Meeting of the Japan Psycho-Oncology Society (JPOS) and the 25th Congress of the Japanese Society for Palliative Medicine (JSPM).

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New Job Posting: Outpatient Psychologist with Levine Cancer Center, Department of Psycho-Oncology Location: Charlotte, NC

2020    The Levine Cancer Institute (LCI) section of Psycho-Oncology, is searching for a full-time, outpatient Psychologist to join their team in Charlotte, NC.  This opportunity includes a combination of clinical, academic, and research responsibilities in an integrated psycho-oncology section within a thriving outpatient, world class oncology service line.  Schedule is Monday through Friday, 8 am -5 pm with no weekends, nights, or call. Candidates must hold a PhD or PsyD degree in Clinical Psychology. Post-doctoral fellowship in Psycho-Oncology is preferred.

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MASCC Career Opportunities Listings

2020    MASCC now offers Career Opportunities listings where employers can list job and fellowship postings. For a nominal fee, employers can share their open positions directly with MASCC members and our supportive care community, a highly skilled group of top-notch potential employees. Our listing service ensures that your position is seen by some of supportive cancer care’s most accomplished professionals. You’ll be connected with highly qualified candidates. The positions can be shared in our monthly newsletter, on our website, shared on social media, and listed on the MASCC website. For more information about this career service and related fees to post, please contact our office at [email protected]. To review all current job and fellowship listings, click here.

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MASCC at ESMO and EONS 2020

2020    MASCC will take part in the 2020 Congress of the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) and the European Nursing Society (EONS), which is being held virtually this year . Don't miss this joint session on 10/17: Established and new treatments, old and new toxicities (in collaboration with MASCC), with chairs, Karin Jordan, MD, of Heidelberg, Germany, and Florian Scotté, MD, PhD, of Villejuif, France. The ESMO session (with MASCC member speakers) will include:

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