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MOATT Now Available in Estonian

2022     The Education Study Group has recently created an Estonian translation of the MASCC Oral Agent Teaching Tool (MOATT).

This tool is an evidence-based tool to assist clinicians caring for patients prescribed oral anticancer agents. A companion user guide provides an introduction to the tool and explanation of how best to use the MOATT. The MOATT has now been translated into six languages and we encourage translations in other languages. Information on the MOATT, approval for use and translation policy are available on the MASCC website.

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New MASCC Subgroup on Digital Health

2020    Digital health — the use of technology to improve health and healthcare — is a simple concept, but a broad field that encompasses telehealth and telemedicine, health information technology, mobile health, and personalized medicine. One of its prime aims and benefits is the empowerment of all individuals to make better-informed health decisions by providing accurate and appropriate information as well as options for prevention, early diagnosis, and disease management outside traditional healthcare settings. Digital health products include mobile medical apps, decision support software, wearable devices, and more.

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