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The European Cancer Organisation Launches A Catalyst for Change: the European Code of Cancer Practice

2020    Earlier this fall, the European Cancer Organisation launched the European Code of Cancer Practice (The Code), a patient-centered initiative which identifies 10 key patient rights that underpin the delivery of good clinical cancer practice. The Code was created to improve patient survival and quality of life. The rights signpost what all cancer patients should expect from their health system and addresses inequalities in access to optimal high-quality cancer treatment and care. The initiative also highlights the need for public information about cancer, survivorship support, integrated cancer research, and innovative access to optimal high-quality cancer treatment and care.

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Supportive Care in Cancer During the COVID-19 Pandemic

2020    RESERVE YOUR PLACE  -  MASCC is offering a FREE webinar, “Supportive care in cancer during the COVID-19 pandemic.” A panel of MASCC experts will lead a virtual discussion on how the COVID-19 pandemic impacts cancer patients and how healthcare professionals can support them during the pandemic. Topics will include next steps after the crisis is resolved; precautions to take in the months ahead with a potential second wave; and impacts on oncology research including ongoing and planned clinical trials.

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CancerCare offers FREE Connect Education Workshops via phone or internet

2020    During the time of COVID-19 and worldwide quarantines, both patients and healthcare professionals are actively searching out online webinars and workshops more than ever before.  CancerCare provides free educational programs to help patients and their loved ones understand their diagnosis, treatment options, quality-of-life concerns, and other important topics. The Connect Education Workshops (TEWs) are free one-hour conference calls presented by cancer experts from around the country. TEWs are an easy way to learn about cancer-related issues from the convenience of home.  Participants can listen in to live workshops by phone or via live streaming on the CancerCare website. Participation is free, and no phone charges apply. Pre-registration is required. Every year, CancerCare produces more than 50 workshops that reach more than 45,000 people.  To register or learn more about upcoming workshops, click here.