Study Group Leadership for 2020/2022

2020    MASCC announces the Study Group Leadership changes for 2020/2022. For the full roster of study group leaders, visit individual study groups on the MASCC website.  Be sure to stay in touch with your Study Groups and get involved in their projects. It's the best way to take full advantage of your MASCC membership and work with like-minded colleagues around the world. Contact Study Group Coordinator Leslie Johnson for more information.

Chair: Rita Wickham, PhD, RN, AOCN, United States
Vice-Chair: Florian Scotté, PhD, France

Bone and Musculoskeletal
Chair: Beatrice Edwards, MD, United States
Vice-Chair: Winston Tan,  MSHPeD, MD, United States

Chair: Stephen Samuel, MPT, PhD, MMASCC, MISOO, India
Vice-Chair: Leorey N. Saligan, PhD, RN, United States

Neurological Complications     
Chair: Maryam Lustberg, MD, MPH, United States
Vice-Chair: Kathryn J. Ruddy, MD, MPH, United States

Nutrition & Cachexia   
Chair: Egidio Del Fabbro, MD, United States
Vice-Chair: Tateaki Naito, MD, Japan

Chair: Julie Ryan, PhD, MD, United States
Vice-Chair: Corina van den Hurk, PhD, Netherlands

Chair: Bogda Koczwara, AM, BM, BS, FRACP, MBioethics, FAICD, Australia
Vice-Chair: Bethany Andrews Rhoten, PhD, RN, United States

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