How to Hold a Best of MASCC Meeting

2019    MASCC is pleased to announce a formal policy and application process for Best of MASCC Meetings. A Best of MASCC Meeting is a MASCC-endorsed conference held in a region or continent other than that of the Annual Meeting and comprising selected Annual Meeting presentations. The goal of the Best of MASCC program is to disseminate the most recent advances and guidelines in supportive care in cancer to healthcare professionals on a local level, who are unable to attend the Annual Meeting. Holding a Best of MASCC Meeting requires formal application and approval by the MASCC Executive Committee. Criteria include that all speakers be MASCC members, that the content address supportive cancer care topics, and that the meeting be appropriate for a multidisciplinary audience. In support of Best of MASCC Meetings, abstracts and slides from the Annual Meeting will be provided by MASCC, contingent on permission from presenters at the MASCC/ISOO Annual Meeting. For more information about criteria and application, see Best of MASCC Meetings at our website.
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