Members Invited to Vote for Their Favorite New MASCC Logo!

2020    MASCC is always working to make sure we maintain a brand that resonates with our members and keeps us current. As part of our continued efforts to connect with the supportive cancer care community, we are updating our association’s logo. The logo is featured on all of MASCC’s branding materials, including publications, web pages, conference materials, resources, etc.

MASCC is always interested in input from our members – so we’re giving you the opportunity to pick the next logo! Once members have voted on their favorite logo grouping, we will tally up the votes for A, B and C on August 31st and present the top choice in the September newsletter.

A few key branding rules to keep in mind are:
     • The logo should work in both color and black/white.
     • The logo should be legible at a small resolution.
     • The logo should embrace the brand's ideals.
     • The logo should be able to stand alone in a text only format.

Take a few seconds to choose your favorite logo group – AB, or C shown below. Thanks for your participation!

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