The European Cancer Organisation Launches A Catalyst for Change: the European Code of Cancer Practice

2020    Earlier this fall, the European Cancer Organisation launched the European Code of Cancer Practice (The Code), a patient-centered initiative which identifies 10 key patient rights that underpin the delivery of good clinical cancer practice. The Code was created to improve patient survival and quality of life. The rights signpost what all cancer patients should expect from their health system and addresses inequalities in access to optimal high-quality cancer treatment and care. The initiative also highlights the need for public information about cancer, survivorship support, integrated cancer research, and innovative access to optimal high-quality cancer treatment and care.

“The European Code of Cancer Practice focuses on informing and supporting in a complete yet simple manner cancer patients at all stages of their cancer journey,” says Dr. Matti Aapro, MASCC member and President of the European Cancer Organisation. “It is an important complement to the European Cancer Organisation Essential Requirements for Quality Cancer Care publications. This powerful new tool sets out the core requirements for excellence in clinical cancer practice to improve outcomes for all cancer patients in Europe.”

The Code was developed with the input of leading oncology experts, patient advocates, policymakers, and politicians from across Europe. The project has its origins in the European Cancer Patient Bill of Rights, which was launched in the European Parliament on World Cancer Day 2014. The Code is available on the European Cancer Organisation’s website (available in 12 languages, with more coming soon). Updates and features of The Code will be featured at the European Cancer Organisation’s European Cancer Summit 2020, which will be held November 18 - 19.

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