Member Spotlight: 2020 Annual Meeting Travel Scholarships Winner - Eugeniia Ananeva

2021    Over several newsletter editions, MASCC will feature one of the winners of the 2020 Annual Meeting Travel Scholarships.  MASCC’s annual travel scholarships are part of our organization’s commitment to increasing the attendance of oncology healthcare professionals from low-income countries at our annual meetings. MASCC provides travel scholarships for this purpose in cases where attendance would not be possible without financial assistance. For more information on recent award recipients, click here.

This month, we feature Travel Scholarship winner, Eugeniia Ananeva. A clinical psychologist and manager in Nursing and Health Care at the Chelyabinsk Regional Center of Oncology, Chelyabinsk, Russia. She has worked as a psycho-oncologist in Chelyabinsk Regional Center of Oncology since 2010. She also provides her expertise to the National Women’s Health Care Foundation, which conducts programs of support for survivors of breast cancer. Ananeva attended Orenburg State Medical Academy for Management of Nursing. South-Ural State University, for clinical and medical psychology, and most recently, Moscow Business School Skolkovo for Health Care Management.

Her winning presentation is titled “Conquer Fear of Cancer Recurrence program for breast cancer patients in Russia.”

Because the 2020 Annual Meeting was postponed this year (due to the pandemic), Ananeva will present at the 2021 Annual Meeting


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