MASCC/ISOO 2021 Annual Meeting - New Format, New Opportunities

2021    Due to the 2021 Annual Meeting being an entirely virtual event, we have decided to replace the "traditional" three days of workshops with several hour-long sessions running throughout the program, including a live question and answer element. Stay tuned for specific details in upcoming newsletters, on our website, and through our social media channels. Our event platform will also incorporate a state-of-the-art networking facility where delegates with similar fields of interest will be able to easily connect online, either in groups or individually. 

These themes will be reflected in sessions  throughout the virtual meeting.

The exciting digital conference will include our regular offerings and opportunities for engagement, including:

  • Plenaries and sessions, both live and on-demand
  • Networking space to connect with partners, sponsors, exhibitors, and colleagues and MASCC and ISOO members from across the globe
  • An innovative COVID-19 track for attendees
  • Access to the latest supportive cancer care research
  • Attendees will have access to on-demand recordings for a period of time after the meeting

Be sure to check our website for annual meeting information and updates.  You also can get the latest annual meeting news from the Society News, social media posts, and emails for details of our virtual meeting including specific registration dates, abstract deadlines, schedules, refund options for those who have already registered for the 2020 Annual Meeting, and more.

MASCC/ISOO Parallel Session: Study group collaboration and toxicity clusters

Data increasingly suggests that the complications of cancer therapy occur in clusters, reflecting common underlying pathology and the potential to simultaneously control multiple symptoms. In particular, the gut microbiome has become an area of high interest as it connects multiple body systems, and thus could be a linking factor for toxicity clusters.

Longstanding MASCC members, Hannah Wardill, PhD, and Steven Sonis, PhD, initiated some of the earliest work in this area - first hypothesizing, and then confirming, that gut-derived mediators contribute not only to mucosal barrier injury, but also to neurological complications of cancer therapy. This work has stimulated new collaborations between the Mucositis Study Group and Neurological Complications Study Group, with the first paper published September 2020 in Neuroscience Biobehavioral Reviews.

To continue to ensure our members are aware of advances in other study groups, the 2021 MASCC/ISOO Annual Meeting will hold a parallel session titled “The evolving role of the microbiome in supportive care in cancer,” designed to showcase the ubiquitous role of the host microbiome in numerous complications of cancer therapy and initiate new collaborations across groups.

We also would like to remind MASCC members they can be part of up to three study groups. By engaging across multiple groups, new opportunities emerge, and you are supporting the ethos of MASCC encouraging transdisciplinary collaboration. Learn more about MASCC Study Groups.
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