Oral Mucositis Awareness Day April 6

2021    Participate in Oral Mucositis Awareness Day this coming Tuesday, April 6!  This is an advocacy effort in support of Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Cancer Awareness Week and in support of Esophageal, Oral, and Head & Neck Cancer Awareness month. Oral Mucositis can take cancer patients by surprise. Many report that when it comes to this side effect, they feel lost, in pain, isolated, unsupported, and on their own. Help raise awareness by posting the Oral Mucositis Awareness Circle on social media, along with Oral Mucositis tips and information - use the tags #MoreThanASore,  #OMAD21,  #OralMucositis. Visit MucositisAwareness.org for more information and to download the Oral Mucositis Awareness Circle.

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