New Subgroup in Exercise Oncology

2021     We’re excited to announce that our Survivorship Study Group is launching a new Subgroup in Exercise Oncology. Led by Prof Ray Chan and Dr Marg Fitch, the new Subgroup is already generating a lot of interest among members, with a number of intriguing research areas proposed. The group plans to initially focus on: 1) research on people with metastatic disease, 2) implementation science in exercise oncology, and 3) research on clinical outcomes through exercise for cancer survivors. Collaboration with other Study Groups will be a priority for the new Subgroup, including the Fatigue, Geriatrics, and Neurological Complications Study Groups, among others.

If you’d like to join the new Subgroup, you can do so on the MASCC website. Simple log into your profile, click “Manage my Account/Profile”, scroll down to your profile information and click “Edit”. Please note that in order to join the Subgroup, you must also be a member of the Survivorship Study Group.

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