2019 MASCC/ISOO Annual Meeting Video Presentations

June 21-23, 2019  •  San Francisco, CA USA


The following presentation slides with audio are available through YouTube.


Plenary Session 1: Digital Health: Science Fact, Not Science Fiction
Chair: Ian Olver, Australia
Digital Health and Oncology: Towards Connected Cancer Care  - Sangeeta Agarawal, USA
Overview of Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Alice Landis-McGrath, USA
Overview of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Wearables  - David Rhew, USA

Plenary Session 2: New Treatments, New Toxicities
Chair: Rajesh Lalla, USA
Patient-Reported Outcomes (PRO-CTCAE)  - Ethan Basch, USA
CAR T-Cell Therapy Toxicity  - Lori Muffly, USA
New Radiotherapy Modalities  - Sue Yom, USA

Plenary Session 3: Sexual Health: Treatment Strategies
Chair: Hope Rugo, USA
Sexual Problems in Male Cancer Patients: An Overview  - John Mulhall, USA
Sexual Problems in Female Cancer Patients  - Tami Rowen, USA
OncofertilityFrancesca Duncan, USA


Parallel Session 01: Emerging Themes
Chairs: Florian Scotte, France, Tamura Kazuo, Japan
Circadian Rhythms in Oncology  - Oxana Palesh, USA
Microbiome: How It Matters  - Rachel Gibson, Australia
The Truth Is Out There! Untangling the Evidence Around the Anticancer Effects of Anticoagulants  - Simon Noble, United Kingdom
The Consequences of Erectile Dysfunction and Other Sexual Changes After Prostate Cancer: A Comparison of Gay/Bisexual and Heterosexual Men  - Jane Ussher, Australia
Enteric Nervous System Toxicity Underlying Gastrointestinal Side-effects of Chemotherapy: Mechanisms and Potential Treatments  - Kulmira Nurgali, Australia

Parallel Session 04: Digital Health in Action
Chairs: Declan Walsh, USA, Anna Boltong, Australia
Teleoncology (missing intro)  - Ian Olver, Australia
Symptom Assessment of Cancer Patients  - Christine Miaskowski, USA
Digital Health: The Challenges  - Jo Armes, United Kingdom
Efficacy of an E-health Self-Management Application ‘Oncokompas’ to Support Cancer Survivors to Obtain Optimal Supportive Care – Results of a Randomized Controlled Trial  - Anja Van Der Hout, The Netherlands
Does AI Increase Closeness or Decrease It? Clinician VS Patient Viewpoint  - Sangeeta Agarawal, USA

Parallel Session 11: Complications of Immunotherapy
Chairs: Bernardo L. Rapoport, South Africa, Mario Lacouture, USA
Basic Mechanisms of Action in Immuno-Oncology  - Bernardo L. Rapoport, South Africa
Overview of Recommendations on Immune-Related Adverse Events  - Michael Postow, USA
Emergency Management of Immune-Related Toxicities  - Tim Cooksley, United Kingdom
GI Toxicities  - Michael Dougan, USA
Rheumatological Toxicities  - Anne Bass, USA

Parallel Session 12: Opioids for Cancer Pain - Keep Calm and Carry On?
Chairs: Gregory Crawford, Australia, David Hui, USA
Opioids for Cancer Pain - What Is the Evidence?  - Mellar Davis, USA
Opioid Addiction in Cancer Patients: Prevention and Management  - Declan Walsh, USA
Management of Opioid-Induced Bowel Dysfunction  - Andrew Davies, United Kingdom
An Investigation of the Sensitivity of the Rome IV Criteria for Opioid-induced Constipation  - Charlotte Leach, United Kingdom
The Effect of Abdominal Massage in Managing Opioid-induced Constipation  - Dilek Yildirim, Turkey

Parallel Session 16: Sexual Health: A Multi-dimensional Problem
Chairs: Penelope Schofield, Australia, Debra Barton, USA
Sexual Problems in Cancer Patients: An Introduction  - Debra Barton, USA
Overcoming the Barriers  - Shari Goldfarb, USA
Sexual Issues in Partners of Cancer Patients  - Jane Ussher, Australia
Discussing Sexuality in Cancer Care: What Information Do Patients Need?  - Leonore Albers, The Netherlands
Predictors of Women’s Self-efficacy to Communicate With Their Partner About Sex and Intimacy After Cancer Treatment  - Elizabeth Arthur, USA
Discussion - Sexual Health: A Multi-dimensional Problem

Parallel Session 17: The Changing Face of Palliative Care
Chairs: Gregory Crawford, Australia, Eric Roeland, USA
What Do We Mean by Palliative Care?  - Mellar Davis, USA
The Evidence Base for "Early" Palliative Care  - Eric Roeland, USA
How Should Palliative Care Services Integrate into Oncology Services? - David Hui, USA
The Enhanced Supportive Care Program: Improving Access to Supportive and Palliative Care in the Cancer Centre  - Richard Berman, United Kingdom
The Effectiveness and Cost-effectiveness of Hospital Palliative Care for Adults With Advanced Disease: A Systematic Review - Sabrina Bajwah, United Kingdom

Parallel Session 19: Hot Topics in Palliative Care
Chairs: Carla Ida Ripamonti, Italy, Simon Noble, United Kingdom
VTE in Advanced Cancer  - Simon Noble, United Kingdom
De-prescribing in Palliative Care  - Jo Thompson, United Kingdom
Management of "Terminal Agitation": Evidence Versus Pragmatism  - Gregory Crawford, Australia
How did the Introduction of Medical Assistance in Dying Impacted Palliative Care in Canada?  - Ahmad Al-Awamer, Canada
Integrating Medical Cannabis Within a Quaternary Oncology Center: The Cannabis Pilot Project at the McGill University Health Centre - Antonio Vigano, Canada


Chairs: Joanne Bowen, Australia, Joel Epstein, USA
Reflections of an Experienced Investigator - Joel Epstein, USA
Gabapentin Mitigates Neuropsychiatric Symptoms in Patients Undergoing Concurrent Chemo-Radiation for Head and Neck Cancer: Interim Results from a Randomized Trial  - Derek Smith, USA
Fixed-Dose 7.5 mg Rasburicase Is Safe and Cost-Effective in Preventing Tumour Lysis Syndrome in Adult Haematology Patients at University College London Hospitals (UCLH) NHS Trust  - Rebecca Burgoyne, United Kingdom
Symptoms Predictive of Overall Quality of Life Using the Edmonton Symptom Assessment Scale in Breast Cancer Patients Receiving Radiotherapy  - Selina Chow, Canada
Association of Frailty With Emotional Health of Older Patients With Advanced Cancer: A University of Rochester NCI Community Oncology Research Program Geriatric Assessment Trial  - N. Gilmore, USA
Treatment-Related Mortality in Children with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in a Low-Middle-Income Country - Rahat Ul-Ain, Pakistan


ISOPP / MASCC Joint Session: Biosimilars
Chairs: Matti Aapro, Switzerland, Hope Rugo, USA
Overview of Biosimilars - Matti Aapro, Switzerland - Permission not granted.
Biosimilars in Supportive Care  - Emma Foreman, United Kingdom
Current Guidelines on the Use of Biosimilars  - Harbans Dhillon, Malaysia
Biosimilars in Oncology - Hope Rugo, USA

EONS / MASCC / ONS Joint Session: How Patients Feel Really Matters - Challenges and Opportunities for Oncology Nursing in a Digital Era
Chairs: Annie Young, United Kingdom, Andreas Charalambous, Cyprus, Pamela Ginex, USA
Effective Patient-Provider Communication  - Pamela Ginex, USA
Outpatient Experiences with Web-Based Applications to Monitor Their Symptoms (EONS 1)  - Wendy Oldenmenger, The Netherlands
Personalizing Virtual Environments through Immersive Virtual Reality: The Patient Perspective on Achieving the Goal of Patient-Centeredness (EONS 2) - Andreas Charalambous, Cyprus
Using Patient-Reported Outcomes for Patient Decision-Making (ONS)  - Donna Berry, USA
Using a Community-based, Nurse-led Cancer Information and Support Line to Deliver Phone-based Supportive Care Interventions: An Australian Experience (MASCC)  - Katherine Lane, Australia
How Patients Feel Really Matters - Challenges and Opportunities for Oncology Nursing in a Digital Era - Audience Discussion - Pamela Ginex (USA)

MASCC / SIOG Joint Session: Managing the Oldest and Frailest Oncology Patients
Chairs: Annie Young, United Kingdom, Christopher Steer, Australia
Geriatric Assessment in Day-to-Day Practice - Allison Loucks, Canada - Permission not granted.
Geriatric Assessment in Day-to-Day Practice - Rana Jin, Canada
Optimizing Quality of Life - William Dale, USA
Geriatric Oncology in Low and Middle-Income Countries  - Enrique Soto-Perez-de-Celis, Mexico
Association of Polypharmacy and Potentially Inappropriate Medications With Physical Function in Older Patients With Cancer Receiving Chemotherapy: A University of Rochester Nationwide Geriatric Assessment Study - M. Mohamed, USA
Older Cancer Survivors Have a Lower Symptom Burden - Christine Miaskowski, USA 


Sponsored by Helsinn: Not included in the main event CME/CPD offering
Conundrums in CINV Prevention and Management: Facing Clinical Challenges to Improve Patient Outcomes
Chair: Eric Roeland, USA
Picking the Right Strategy: Guidelines versus Personalized Management - Eric Roeland, USA
Panel Case Discussion: Rebecca Clark-Snow, Paz Fernández Ortega, Spain, Matti Aapro, Switzerland, Eric Roeland, USA
Tackling Clinical Conundrums in CINV: Panel Case 1
Tackling Clinical Conundrums in CINV: Panel Case 2
Tackling Clinical Conundrums in CINV: Panel Case 3


Complications of Immunotherapy — Saturday, June 22, 3:40 - 5:10 PM 
Chairs: Bernardo Rapoport, MD, and Mario Lacouture, MD
Pulmonary, Rare, and More Than One Toxicities  - Michael Postow, USA
Effective Patient-Provider Communication  - Pamela Ginex, USA
Skin Toxicities  - Mario Lacouture, USA
Case Presentation 1: Multiple Immune-Related Adverse Events  - Michael Postow, USA
Case Presentation 2: Colitis Refractory to Infliximab  - Michael Dougan, USA