MASCC Designated Centers of Excellence in Supportive Care in Cancer

MASCC’s certification program aims to promote and recognize oncology centers around the world that demonstrate best practices in supportive cancer care by successfully integrating oncology and supportive care, upholding high standards, and maintaining comprehensive supportive care services. MASCC’s certification program also aims both to educate and to encourage a supportive care focus among oncology healthcare professionals globally. Certification criteria include a supportive care focus in clinical activities, research, and educational initiatives, as well as adherence to international guidelines. Qualifying Centers may apply to MASCC’s Certification Program.

Map of MASCC-Designated Centers of Excellence

Centers of Excellence in Supportive Care in Cancer:


For information and an application, see Policies and Forms on the MASCC website or contact the MASCC Office.

Committee Chair: Carla Ida Ripamonti, MD