Supportive Care in Cancer journal coverSupportive Care in Cancer: Impact Factor of 3.603

We’re delighted to announce that our journal Supportive Care in Cancer has received a 2020 Impact Factor of 3.603. Congratulations to our Editor-in-Chief Dr Fred Ashbury and all our contributors!

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Updated MASCC Guidelines from the Palliative Care Study Group

Two updated MASCC guidelines from the Palliative Care Study Group are now available on our website:

Nausea and Vomiting in Malignant Bowel Obstruction

Antiemetics in Advanced Cancer

You can read the full paper or download a PDF summary via the links above.

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• October 2021: Self-reported taste and smell alterations and the liking of oral nutritional supplements with sensory-adapted flavors in cancer patients receiving systemic antitumor treatment

• September 2021: “So, when a woman becomes ill, the total structure of the family is affected, they can’t do anything…” Voices from the community on women with breast cancer in India: a qualitative focus group study

• August 2021: Effectiveness of a nurse-led telephone follow-up in the therapeutic management of patients receiving oral antineoplastic agents: a randomized, multicenter controlled trial (ETICCO study)

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