Raymond Chan, PhD, MAppSc, BN, RN, FACN
Margaret Fitch, RN, PhD

Survivorship Subgroup: Exercise Oncology
Leadership: TBA

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Mission and Goals

Advances in cancer screening, early detection, treatments, and supportive care have produced a progressive increase in the number of cancer survivors over recent decades. The Survivorship Study Group considers survivorship to span the time between diagnosis and the end of life. Its mission encompasses realization of the fullest potential of cancer survivors in all spheres of life. Accordingly, its areas of effort include prevention of new or recurrent cancer, surveillance for new or recurring cancer, interventions for prevention and management of cancer symptoms and treatment side effects (including prehabilitation and rehabilitation), and coordination between specialists and primary care providers to ensure that all survivor needs are met. The term “survivor” or “survivorship” is used to describe a population of people with a cancer diagnosis, rather than a label that individuals may or may not resonate with.

The MASCC Survivorship Study Group works to optimize wellness by improving outcomes for people affected by cancer. Its projects are designed to address the following objectives:

•  Foster international collaborative research and educational initiatives in cancer survivorship
•  Raise awareness about cancer survivorship issues and resources
•  Foster the professional development of junior researchers in the field by awarding junior researcher awards and training fellowships
•  Develop clinical guidelines on topics relevant to cancer survivorship
•  Contribute to the MASCC Annual Meeting through presentations and workshops that focus on cancer survivorship
•  Collaborate with other Study Groups to advance care and outcomes for all cancer survivors

 Study Group Activities


Disparities in telehealth use: How should the supportive care community respond? Dixit N, Van Sebille Y, Crawford GB, Ginex PK, Fernandez Ortega P & Chan RJ. Support Care Cancer (2021).

The efficacy, challenges, and facilitators of telemedicine in post-treatment cancer survivorship care: an overview of systematic reviews. Chan RJ, Crichton M, Crawford-Williams F, Agbejule OA, Yu K, Hart NH, de Abreu Alves F, Ashbury FD, Eng L, Fitch M, Jain H, Jefford M, Klemanski D, Koczwara B, Loh K, Prasad M, Rugo H, Soto-Perez-de-Celis, E, van den Hurk C, Chan A. (2021). Annals of Oncology. In Press.

Going beyond (electronic) patient reported outcomes: Harnessing the benefits of smart technology and ecological momentary assessment in cancer survivorship research. Thong M, Chan R, van den Jurk C, Fessele K, Tan W, Poprawski D, Paterson C, Fitch M (2021). Supportive Care in Cancer. 29(1):7-10. 

Advances and Future Directions in the use of mobile health in supportive cancer care: Proceedings of the 2019 MASCC Annual Meeting Symposium.  Chan R, Howell D, Lustberg M, Mustian K, Koczwara B, Ng CC, Kim Y, Napoles AM, Dixit N, Yu K, Toh YL, Fitch M, Crichton M, Agarawal S, Chan A (2020). Supportive Care in Cancer (Q2). 28: 4059-4067. 

Cancer survivors care during COVID-19 – perspectives and recommendations from the MASCC survivorship study group. A Chan, Koczwara B, Fitch M, Ashbury F, Chan R (2020). Supportive Care in Cancer. 28 (8): 3845-3488. 

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