MASCC/ISOO Annual Meeting Workshops

Each year, the MASCC/ISOO Annual Meeting features in-depth, pre-conference workshops. Sponsored by one or more Study Groups, the Workshops have become a valuable complement to the program of presentations, posters, and other proceedings. They provide the best opportunity for participants to discuss the latest research and clinical applications in a specific area, to interact with colleagues who share their interests, and to pursue international collaborations. 

2021 Annual Meeting Workshops

Due to the 2021 Annual Meeting being an entirely virtual event, we have decided to replace the "traditional" three days of workshops with several hour-long sessions running throughout the program, including a live question and answer element. Stay tuned for specific details in upcoming newsletter, on our website, and through our social media channels. Our event platform will also incorporate a state-of-the-art networking facility where delegates with similar fields of interest will be able to easily connect online, either in groups or individually. See the 2021 Program

Past Annual Meeting Workshops
2019 Workshops (San Francisco, CA)
2018 Workshops (Vienna, Austria)
2017 Workshops (Washington, DC)
2016 Workshops (Australia)
2015 Workshops
2014 Workshops (Miami)
2013 Workshops (Berlin)
2012 Workshops (New York City)
2011 Workshops (Athens)


Connect Education Workshops

FREE Connect Education Workshops via phone or internet - by
CancerCare provides free educational programs to help you and your loved ones understand your diagnosis, treatment options, quality-of-life concerns, and other important topics. The foundation of CancerCare’s Education program are our Connect Education Workshops (TEWs), free one-hour conference calls presented by cancer experts from around the country. The Connect Education Workshops are an easy way for you to learn about cancer-related issues from the convenience of your home or office. You can listen in to the live workshop on the telephone or via live streaming on our website. Participation is free, and no phone charges apply. Pre-registration is required. Every year, we produce more than 50 Telephone Education Workshops that reach more than 45,000 people. >> Learn More