MASCC/ISOO 2019 Meeting Slides and Videos

2019    Presentation slides and select session videos which include speaker slides and audio from our 2019 Annual Meeting in San Francisco are available on the MASCC website. (Member login required)

Slides include Workshops, Meet-the-Expert, Plenary, Parallel, Joint Sessions, and E-posters. A few sessions are missing, since their availability is at the discretion of each presenter. All slide presentations are converted to PDF to optimize file size. Slides with presentation audio are available for many sessions. The 2019 Meeting Photo Gallery will be available online, September 6th.  Look for the announcement on the homepage.

Tell Your Colleagues 
Do you have colleagues interested in Supportive Care in Cancer?
Let them know that MASCC membership provides access to exclusive MASCC/ISOO Annual Meeting content, the MASCC journal, Supportive Care in Cancer, opportunities to work with MASCC Study Groups and to network with like-minded clinicians and researchers around the world. Urge your colleagues to JOIN TODAY. Several different membership options are available.

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