Member Spotlight: 2020 Young Investigator Award - Uttiya Deb

2021    Over several newsletter editions, MASCC will feature one of the winners of the 2020 Young Investigators Award (YIA).  Every year, MASCC presents the YIA to recognize outstanding new-to-the-field investigators’ research accomplishments. The award is open to all junior investigators who have submitted an abstract to an upcoming MASCC annual meeting. YIAs are awarded to the first authors of the five abstracts with the highest scores. These abstracts are chosen from the top 10 percent of all abstracts submitted to the annual meeting.  For more information on recent award recipients, click here

This month we highlight MASCC member Uttiya Deb, postgraduate resident in his final year at the Department of Pharmacology, Burdwan Medical College, India. He received his MBBS degree from IPGMER Kolkata. He is a life member of Indian Society for Rational Pharmacotherapeutics. He received an undergraduate research fellowship from the Indian Rheumatology Association for his research involving fibromyalgia patients. He also received funding from Indian Council of Medical Research, a biomedical research body. He has written peer-reviewed manuscripts and has presented his research at national meetings. Deb has a keen interest in clinical research in cancer palliative care.

HIs winning presentation is titled “Efficacy and Safety of Modafinil versus Dexamethasone in Cancer-related Fatigue: A Prospective, Randomized Controlled Study.” 

Because the 2020 Annual Meeting was postponed this year (due to the pandemic), Deb will present at the 2021 Annual Meeting.  


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