MASCC/ISOO 2021: Program Highlights

2021     The MASCC/ISOO 2021Annual Meeting focuses on several themes of critical importance in supportive cancer care, including: the impact of COVID-19 and the pandemic on supportive cancer care, bioethics, cardio-oncology, and models of supportive care.  There will also be sessions on MASCC’s various Study Groups. For all of the program highlights, click here.

  Plenary Sessions  


  • Overview of COVID-19 Pandemic with Dr Jose Miguel Cisneros Herreros (Spain)
  • The impact of COVID-19 on Cancer Care and Patients with Dr Matti Aapro (Switzerland)
  • The Ethics / Law Around Triaging and Rationing Treatment in Times of Pandemics with Prof Richard Huxtable (United Kingdom)

Models of Supportive Care

  • “Supportive Care - 30 years of MASCC”with Prof Dorothy Keefe (Australia)
  • “Models of Supportive Care - What’s the Evidence?”with Dr Florian Scotté (France)
  • “Supportive Care - A Luxury in Lower Middle-Income Economies?”with Dr Enrique Soto Perez de Celis (Mexico)


  • “Cardio-Oncology: Beyond Left Ventricular Dysfunction” with Dr Thomas Suter (Switzerland)
  • “Looking at Cardio-Toxicity in the Clinical and Research Setting” with Dr Michael Ewer (USA)
  • TBA with Dr Steven Lipshultz (USA)


  • “Ethical Principles – One Size Fits All?”with Dr Richard Huxtable (UK)
  • “New Treatments, New Ethical Challenges”with Dr Ian Olver (Australia)

Meet the Experts

  • Patient Engagement - Speakers: Anne McKenzie (Australia) and Anna Boltong (Facilitator), (Australia)

For any further questions about the meeting, please email us at [email protected].

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